Let me be your guide to a journey of Self discovery and Freedom



Are you tired of being stuck in life, not being able to be yourself, of constantly being ill, of feeling that you do not have the power in your own life, health and work, not knowing why your life is not moving or changing?

You have come to the right place. That is why I am here for.

As a Maths teacher, trained Homeopath and Family Constellations Therapist, I will work with you and share with you as much as I know, so you can find your way back freedom and to yourself.

My approach is different, I will tailor make your journey. It can be homeopathy, Family constellations, a combination of both or just a life of self discovery knowledge.

I will hold the space for you to explore your inner wisdom and go back to your core, to who you truly are.

If you feel ready for this adventure, just give me a shout.



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