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Ines Seco

Acute use of a remedy:

I have suffered with prickly heat since young age, something I inherited from my mum. The rash was exacerbated by humidity , so holidays in places such as Florida have always been accompanied by a sense of dread at how bad the prickly heat becomes especially if I were to go to a water-park or swan in the pool.

However this year when I travelled to Florida, I took Apis 30c, am and pm, with amazing success. The prickly heat did not make an appearance even when I went to water-parks.

Every time I will go on holiday, I will undoubtedly take Apis.

Sarah Bridges, 25 years old

Chronic treatment:

I was amazed with how quick I saw results with homeopathy. I finally felt I was in control of my body and it changed my life for the better.

It changed the way I perceive healing and about my body.

I would 100% recomend homeopathy to anyone. I have never turned back and feel better and healthier than I have in my whole life.

Janine Jonhson

Family Constellation session :

“Ines, Thank you for the wonderful gift of helping me to understand so much of what I have been thinking and feeling for so long. So many questions have been answered (as well as prayers). I feel so much lighter. That wet blanket feeling, all that heaviness is gone. I left the 2 sessions feeling alive, peaceful and hopeful. The feeling has remained. “

Raquel Silverio

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