“The world is your oyster”


Nice to meet you . I am glad you have chosen to start your journey, even if only by curiosity.

My name is Ines Seco, I am Portuguese and I moved to the UK in 2010.

I will give you all the information about my education but first I would like to introduce myself . I understand academia is seen as the most important quality in life but who we are is also important.

So, who am I ?

I still do not know 100% but I know I am me, with both good and bad qualities. I love to connect to people but I also love to be on my own. I love to learn new things but I also love a good weekend just relaxing. I am a human being with a passion to connect, share and love. I am honest, friendly, simple, bubbly and kind. I am naturally an educator, love to socialise, to connect with others, to develop myself and to share as much as I can. I love chatting about self-discovery and understanding of the self. This is magical for me.

And because of who I am, I choose to start Seco’s Therapy.

So, what have I studied?

Not knowing that my true passion was connecting with others, at the age of 14 I decided to become a Secondary Maths teacher.

I have a Maths Degree, specialised in Education, and I have taught in the UK for the past 10 years. This has been my focus and I use many strategies to help my students to be successful in their education. If you ask them, they would say I am a very different teacher, as first, I work with their belief system, how we are all able to learn, capable to succeed and just need to believe in ourselves. The rest will happen. Once you trust, the world is your oyster.

And now I want to be able to do the same with adults, without the maths and exams !!

I found a passion for homeopathy so I decided to train as a Homeopath. I studied it part-time for 4 years, at the Centre of Homeopathic Education, where I was taught by the best and most inspiring Homeopaths in the country. I also had 2 years of clinical training, a supervisor whom helped me to understand the practical side of homeopathy vs theory, and a long journey of self healing.

During my 4 years of study I was a full time teacher, a private maths tutor and in the last year of the course I became pregnant. The journey was not easy but I loved every second of it. Learning about how powerful and perfect our body is was magical for me.I have learned that homeopathy is more than a medicine, it is a tool to help your body to heal and be healthy. I have also learned that health is more than not having physical symptoms, is all about being free to be yourself, is about being who we are. Homeopathy is one of my main tools as it is gentle, safe and non toxic. What else can we ask for?

While on maternity leave I have also trained as a Family Constellations Therapist which is also an incredibly powerful tool. What can I say about this therapy? Pure Love! In a simple, gentle way, it helps us to untangle our life, allowing us to find a place in our system, either family, society or work. By untangling our life we allow the love to flow. Sometimes we don’t know what is stopping us from it and using the Family Constellations technique, we can identify dynamics which are blocking the love, and restore the harmony we all chase in life.

In addition to the above, I have also studied reflexology, EFT and Reiki.

By combining all my skills I have now developed Seco’s Therapy.

So what am I doing with so all my knowledge?

Well, my plan is to share as much as I can with anyone that is interested, in a one to one session or attend one of my workshops.

Either way, I will share as much knowledge as I can for you to find your own way to inner freedom.

With my life experience and my academic background, I can hold the space for you, so that together, we can find the way back to your inner self and be free to just BE.

So, shall we start walking?

A journey of a thousand steps begins with a single step.
— Lao - Tzu